Recipes List

  • Vegetable Sahi Biryani

    Ingredients : RUCHI Basmati Rice- 300 gm, Boiled Potatoes-100 gm, Chopped Carrot- 100gm, Tomatoes- 50gm, Chop... More.

  • Egg Curry Masala

    Ingredients : Egg- 250gm, Potato- 75gm, Onion- 120 gm, Green Chilly- 2 nos., Coriander Leave- 5g (for garnish... More.

  • Baked Macaroni with Cheese

    Ingredients : RUCHI Gnocchi Sardi (or other pasta shapes such as Penne, Fusilli or Spirals)- 450 gm / 4 cups.... More.

  • Aloo Chhole

    Ingredients : Chick-peas cooked -3 cups, Corn or Veg-2 tbsp, Potatoes (sliced)-2 cups, Tomato chopped-1 cup, ... More.

  • Methi Paneer

    Ingredients : Paneer-200gm, Cashewnut paste- 150gm, Curd- 300gm, Sugar- 150gm, Dalda- 100gm, Ghee- 50 gm, Cre... More.

  • Paneer Biryani

    Ingredients :   RUCHI Basmati Rice2 cups, Paneer200 gm(cut into 1" cube), Onion2 nos. (sliced), Oi... More.

  • Vermicelli Vada

    Ingredients : RUCHI Vermicelli- 200gm, Potato- 200gm, Groundnut Powder- 20g, RUCHI Coconut Powder- 20gm, Gree... More.

  • Sidhi Curry

    Ingredients : 2 Onions, 4 tbsp Oil, 1 cup Grated Coconut, 6 Dried Red Chilies, 2 tsp Ruch... More.

  • Indian Fish Curry

    Method :  Marinate 250g fish in salt and turmeric powder for 15 minutes. Shallow fry or steam the fish pi... More.