How to Participate

1. Buy any of the promo packet from the below items:

2. Look out for the Winning Code inside the top flap of the packet.

3. The winning code may not be present in all the boxes. Those boxes having the winning code, entitles the customer to win a Gold Coin

4. If you find the winning code, you need to take a clear picture of winning code along with the packet and send the picture through WhatsApp to 7894016000.

5. Once the picture is received by RUCHI, it will be verified for correctness of the image.

6. The customer then needs to share his/her ID proof & address proof for verification.

7. Once verified, RUCHI will deliver the Gold Coin at the customer’s doorstep. The verified customer needs to return the original winning code packet to our agent for claiming the Gold Coin.

8. Once the contest period is over, 2 Bumper Lucky winners will be selected through a lucky draw system amongst all the Gold Coin winners. These 2 Bumper Lucky Winners will get an All Paid Couple Trip to Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

General Terms & Conditions

1. The scheme is valid from 1st February 2020 to 31st March 2020

2. The gold coins to be won are of 0.5gm each.

3. To claim the gold coin, the winning code picture need to be sent through WhatsApp only to 7894016000. No other medium of communication will be accepted

4. The winning code will be present inside the top flap of the packet only in selected packets not in all the packets. The lucky customers who will buy the packet with the winning code are only entitled to claim the gold coin.

5. Sending the same winning code through different mobile numbers will not entitle the customer to win multiple coins. If such practise is found from any of the participants, this may lead to initiation of legal action against the participant.

6. 2 bumper lucky winners will be given a couple trip to Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The winners need to suggest the name & relationship details of the companion they want to take in the trip along with them.

7. The winners selected for the trip need to give all the documents required from them to arrange for the bookings & reservations in stipulated time. If they fail to provide the necessary documents as per requirement, they will be disqualified for the trip & there will be another winner who will be selected for the trip.

8. None of the company officials of Om Oil & Flour Mills Ltd. are entitled to participate & win in the contest. If such claim is made, the claim will not be entertained.

9. All the legal issues arising out of this contest promo (if Any) are strictly restricted to the jurisdiction of Cuttack district only.

For any query please call us at - 1800 345 4439