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Black Pepper Powder 50g

  • Black Pepper Powder

Black Pepper Powder 50g


Ruchi Black Pepper Powder is made by selecting premium quality peppercorn which is cleaned thoroughly before grinding. Special low temperature grinding facilitates proper taste and aroma retention. It is used in several dishes to improve taste and enhance flavor. It can also be used in tea during cough & cold.

  • Additional Information

    Ingredients : Black Pepper

    No artificial colour, flavour or preservative added.

  • Health Benefits
    • Research suggests that black pepper treatment may help against colon cancer along with regular medical treatment.
    • Black pepper helps the body secrete more hydrochloric acid, which is necessary for digesting proteins and other food components.
    • Black pepper inhibits the end products of protein glycation, slowing down the aging process.
    • Black pepper fights tooth decay and provides quick relief from a toothache.
    • Piperine in black pepper has shown to be effective against vitiligo, a skin disease that causes areas of the skin to lose their pigmentation.
    • Researchers suggests that piperine in black pepper battles fat by blocking the formation of new fat cells.
    • Animal models have shown that the active component in black pepper, piperine, holds natural anti-inflammatory effects.

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