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Tezlal Chilli Powder 50g

  • Tezlal Chilli Powder

Tezlal Chilli Powder 50g


RUCHI Tezlal Chili Powder is useful in many applications. We use ancho chile as the base for our chili powders, because of its deep maroon color and rich, sweet flavor.

Red Chilli Powder can set the taste buds on fire, and sometimes the tummy too! It is basically a spice blend consisting of one or two types of dried red chillies that are ground and pulverized into a fine powder. It is generally used to add spice to otherwise bland foods.

Chile Pepper is often confused with Chili powder. When a recipe refers to chile pepper, this means pure chile pepper. The most commonly used is the ancho pepper in its ground form.

  • Additional Information

    Best before 12 months from the month of packing

  • Health Benefits
    • Helps Fight Inflammation
    • Protects Your Heart
    • Boosts Immunity
    • Prevents Sinusitis and Relieves Congestion
    • Helps Reduce Insulin Levels

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