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Tapioca Sagoo 200g

  • Tapioca Sagoo

Tapioca Sagoo 200g


It is better to avoid Tapioca from the diet chart of a diabetic. The Tapioca grains are useful for digestion and they help in breaking down food. The grains also have numerous nutritional values and they are useful if they are included in the diet.

Tapioca (Subudana) does serve as a quick energy booster. It is full of starch or carbohydrates. Eating it gives you a rush of energy and that's why in India it's often used to break fasts. If you're feeling down or low, a Tapioca (sabudana) drink or pudding may help you to perk up your spirits.

If weight loss or management of diabetes and triglyceride levels is your goal, then in that case you better avoid Tapioca.

  • Additional Information

    Best before 12 months from the month of packing

  • Health Benefits

    Good source of protein, promoting Muscle Growth

    Rich in calcium, promotes Bone Development

    Aids in the functioning of the cardiovascular system

    Promotes Weight Gain

    Regulates Digestion

    Regulates Body Temperature

    Keeps Hunger Away

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