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Chana Sattu 200g

  • Chana Sattu

Chana Sattu 200g


Sattu is an age-old traditional Indian Health Food. It has been a 'power meal' on daily menu of traditional homes. It can also be served as part of a traditional Indian breakfast. People may laugh at 'Sattu' but it certainly is a high-energy health food. This is eaten as a complete power booster; and to keep the body temperature regulated in days of fieldwork. The added cumin in sattu also helps in digestion.

Ingredients: Roasted Bengal Gram and Cumin Seed

  • Additional Information

    No Artificial Colour, Flavour or Preservative added

    Best before 6 months from the month of packing

  • Health Benefits

    Sattu has long been used in the rural areas to cool down the body.

    High in nutrients. Made by the dry-roasting process that seals in all the nutrients, sattu is rich in protein, fibre, calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium.

    Great for digestion.

    Beauty benefits.

    Beats lifestyle diseases.

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