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Guntur Whole Chillies 50g

  • Guntur Whole Chillies

Guntur Whole Chillies 50g


The name Guntur Chilli came from the place called Guntur which is one of the largest chilli markets in India situated in the state of Andra Pradesh.

Guntur Chillies are heat content chillies. These type of chillies consist of huge amount of pungency and very less ASTA colour value. These are also grown in North Karnataka region where the climatic conditions are most favourable for cultivation of these types of chilli.

  • Additional Information

    Best before 12 months from the month of packing.

  • Health Benefits

    Helps Fight Inflammation
    Protects Your Heart
    Boosts Immunity
    Prevents Sinusitis and Relieves Congestion
    Helps Reduce Insulin Levels

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